Liberty Irrigation

News Release – December 2015

Thank you for your lawn and landscape maintenance service business over the last many years. We appreciate our loyal customers and are always looking for better and the best ways to service your needs!

Over the past 5 years, we have increasingly heard from you, our customers, of your desire for a more accessible and reliable lawn sprinkler service company. I must admit that I have found it challenging to get our customers’ sprinkler system needs handled in a prompt, reasonable, and professional manner. This has been very frustrating for all of us. We were forced to do some sprinkler work for our customers even though we never truly focused on that particular service.

I do not ask much from the vendors I refer to our customers, i.e. irrigation companies, other than to do what they say they are going to do. Over the past 5+ year, I have heard every excuse from my frustrated customers regarding irrigation companies such as not getting returned phone calls, emails, texts, missed appointments, invoicing delays, etc. For those reasons and the fact that I already have Don Holmes, an experienced lawn sprinkler technician, on staff has lead me to make the customer service prompted decision to expand our service division. I am excited to introduce to you:

Liberty Irrigation, Inc. 
111 N 56th Street – Suite #301
Lincoln NE 68504
(office) 402-466-0160
(cellular, Don Holmes) 402-440-7805

This new service we are offering is going to be singularly focused on servicing our customers’ sprinkler system maintenance needs. We will not be doing sprinkler installations, so you will never hear the excuse from us that you will have to wait for service until we are done with a “big project”. I have heard that comment as an excuse way too many times recently, and I’m sure you have as well. Our customers are Liberty Irrigation’s “big project”.

Our sprinkler technician, Don Holmes, has been servicing lawn irrigation systems for over 25 years and is very well known throughout our community and industry as reliable, knowledgeable, prompt and courteous lawn care professional. He is very excited about the opportunity to assist our lawn care customers with your sprinkler system maintenance needs full time.

I will be sending you more information outlining our new service soon.

Thank you again for your business and Merry Christmas!