10 Plants That Look Great Year-Round

Many people think of a winter lawn as being bare and boring. But even with snow and cold temperatures, you can still have a yard that looks beautiful. There are plenty of different plants that look great year-round, no matter how low the temperatures get. Here is a list of ten different plants that you can add to your landscaping to make your yard look beautiful every season of the year.

Blue Ice Bog Rosemary

Blue ice bog rosemary is an evergreen ground cover with unique silvery-blue foliage that looks good in all seasons. What’s more, it becomes covered with pink bell-shaped blooms in early spring. It is happy in both rocky areas and moist soils, and it attracts birds and pollinators.

Carsten’s Wintergold Mugo Pine

This variety of pine is a dwarf, making it great for smaller areas. When cold weather arrives, it’s needles turn from green to gold. And the colder the weather, the more intense the gold color becomes. It is also deer-resistant, making it a great option for yards in more rural areas.

Weeping Norway Spruce

This spruce has a lot of visual interest thanks to its unusual weeping branches and showy cones. It makes a great accent in any landscape thanks to its year-round rich green color.

Tiny Buttons Stonecrop

If you’re looking for an evergreen ground cover, consider tiny buttons stonecrop. This plant creates a thick, full carpet of greenery all year round. In colder months, the foliage may become reddish, making it a lovely contrast against snow. It will also bloom with small white flowers during the summer, which attracts butterflies.

Siberian Carpet Cypress

Another ground cover option is Siberian carpet cypress. These short, colorful shrubs stay green for most of the year, but in colder months turn into a coppery purple color.

Frosty Fire Dianthus

Another low plant option, frosty fire dianthus is a great plant to use to fill in around larger shrubs or trees. It’s evergreen foliage looks lovely all winter long, and during the summer it will be covered with colorful flowers, giving you a nice variety of displays throughout the year.

Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

If you like evergreens but need a little color variety, dwarf globe blue spruce is a great option. Their branches are densely covered in blue needles that become more colorful during summer months. It makes a great low hedge, and thanks to its low height can be combined with different evergreens for a lovely display.

Pink Pussytoes

Pink pusstoes are another evergreen ground cover option. They are slow growers, meaning they are easy to keep from taking over your garden beds. In the late spring, these plants will have fuzzy, deep pink flowers. They require little water once they are established, making them a great option for low-water yards.


If bulb flowers are more to your taste, consider adding snowdrops to your landscape. These bulbs thrive in the cold temperatures. Simply plant them in the fall and enjoy their blooms throughout winter. They’ll go dormant in spring, and if they are left in place will bloom again the following fall.

Christmas Rose

While it is in fact a type of hellebore, Christmas rose plants are still a lovely evergreen perennial. They grow best in shady locations, with plenty of space as they can get quite large. Its white flowers will be on display November through February, giving your lawn a splash of lovely, delicate blooms.

If you’re interested in adding some plants with year-round appeal, give us a call anytime. We can help you to select the right plants for different areas of your lawn. You can schedule an appointment that works for your schedule, and we’ll give you a no-obligation quote for our services.